RIP Resident Evil

Resident Evil (especially RE7) and rumors are like peanut butter & jelly. Is it wrong to say that I no longer give a shit?

I would mark the FUCK out if they were to ever bring this back for the new generation. Who remembers this while growing up??

The first time you hear that gunshot…you know shit’s about to get real.

This thing would make my RE collection complete. Besides, who wouldn’t want this?

  •  Whenever Capcom decides to announce Resident Evil 7, I really do hope it's the last title in the series. At least a title that will give the old characters a proper sendoff. RE6 disappointed quite a bit in that department, and in the story in general...despite the other things the game brought that was new to the series, like the innovative controls (which it desperately needed by that point). Despite the series becoming a little more than a joke at this point, I'm still interested/intrigued on what this game will have in store...

Partners…till the end. 

Barry Burton, always the top notch investigator…..

letsaskchrisredfield asked: I really like you avatar . If you mind me asking where did you get it? It's because I see so many other blogs with avatars like that but of their characters and sometimes orginal characters .

Thanks! I actually got this from Capcom when they were celebrating their 30th anniversary on Twitter. They ended up releasing these icons of their most popular characters, so naturally, I chose this one, lol.

posted 3 months ago

Time to get on my nerd soapbox for a second. One thing I’ll never understand, is the lack of popularity that Luigi has…especially when compared to his brother, Mario. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got his own little fanbase (I still consider myself to be the BIGGEST Luigi fan/mark out there, and my collection shows it, lol), especially in recent years, but he still does’t hold a candle to Mario, or other series main characters, like Peach or Yoshi. To me, he’s in many ways better than his older twin brother. He’s more athletic, he’s smarter (as stated in the first Mario Party game’s instruction booklet), and (at least in the N64 era, before they changed his voice) had overall had the better personality than, Mario. Sure he can be portrayed as a bit timid and cautious, but that’s because he actually thinks things through, whereas Mario likes to go into things head first. I guess I’ll never understand why Luigi isn’t as popular as Mario (who I also like, by the way…just to be clear), but eh, doesn’t really matter to me. He’ll always be my NUMBER ONE character!

posted 3 months ago